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Roger Wickham
Roger at work

At the beginning 2006 Roger started ‘Wild Wood Artworks’, creating ‘natural form’ furniture and accessories suitable for interior use, using many varieties of locally sourced timber.

The materials used are sourced from the 5 acres that comprise Strawberry Hill and from the hedgerows and woodlands of neighbouring farms and land owners. This type of work is often referred to as rustic, but Roger prefers to describe it as natural form furniture, the word rustic implying a rather rougher finish. Although the natural shapes are retained in each component, in all of Rogers’ work the bark has been removed. This is most easily accomplished at the time of harvesting, and certain species are easier to ‘strip’ than others. Ash, elm, poplar, sycamore and hazel all peel quite easily, whereas field maple, blackthorn, hawthorn and alder are all much more fiddly – the bark coming away in tiny pieces. The time of year also plays a part in the ease of stripping bark, and is best accomplished when the sap is rising during late spring and early summer. Great care is exercised to avoid disturbing nesting animals and birds.

Roger finds that time spent in the woods gathering his materials, is every bit as enjoyable as the creative aspect of his work.. Other species that are used include, but are not limited to, oak, beech, eucalyptus, sycamore, apple, pear, yew, cherry, chestnut, horse chestnut, rowan and spindle. Even prunings of garden shrubs such as lilac can be used. The harvested wood is air dried for up to 2 years before being crafted into furniture.

Being concerned about ‘green’ issues, Roger delights in being able to use locally grown timber, which otherwise would have very little commercial value.

Because of the newness of his business, Roger is working hard to build up his portfolio of pieces, but is happy to consider commissions.


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