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Born in Berkshire in 1956, Roger enjoyed both the outdoors and woodwork as a boy, as well as being drawn to water and boats.

At age 16 he joined the merchant navy and spent 9 years travelling the world on cargo ships and tankers as a deck officer. In 1981 he  set off on a voyage in his own yacht to destinations unknown. Roger ended up settling in the British Virgin Islands in 1984, having cruised and worked throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida. 14 years were spent living on Tortola, where he got married, had 3 children, built a house and created a successful woodworking business, as well as being involved with a number of other maritime enterprises.

In 1998 the family moved to the South West of England where for 7 years, Roger and his wife Lyn were involved in running a small nursery and tea room at Strawberry Hill, Dunsford, on the eastern fringes of Dartmoor National Park.

At the beginning 2006 it was decided to have a change in direction, allowing Roger to pursue his dream and start ‘Wild Wood Artworks’, creating ‘natural form’ furniture and accessories suitable for interior use, using many varieties of locally sourced timber.

Roger Wickham at work

Wildwood Artworks 2007